Willis Newson in the press

Clipping from Healthcare Design & Management magazine

Healthcare Design & Management article

Willis Newson have recently been featured in two healthcare publications:

  • Healthcare Design & Management published an article titled 'Hospital Design is a Work of Art' featuring an interview with Jane Willis (P47).

    Jane discusses the value and importance of including art in the design of healthcare environments and the changes that have taken place in recent years:

    "From the very beginning, it's important that art is included in the budget for any environmental improvement project. The great thing is that interiors and the arts are still included in local planning conditions and play a significant role, particularly in larger hospital projects."
  • Healthcare Management journal published a 'Best Practice' case study from Willis Newson looking at 'Creating Great Care Environments'.

    Answering the question 'What are the benefits of including art in healthcare settings?', the journal article considers the wider benefits of including art in healthcare environments, from noise reduction to improving navigation, or making the space friendlier for people living with dementia.

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