What did the students say?

1 May 2012

Students on our first 6-week Master's level Evaluating Arts in Health Initiatives module completed the course last month. The course was jointly taught by the University of the West of England and by Willis Newson and students had the opportunity to gain credits towards a Professional Development qualification.

We're very excited to have the opportunity to do it all again next year and will - (of course!) - be developing and improving the course following feedback from students on this year's module. What sort of feedback did we get from students? Lots of constructive suggestions, as we would expect from people learning about evaluation, and some great comments about the quality of the teaching and the usefulness of the content.

“It’s really helped my practice and has changed my approach to evaluation fundamentally – very timely and helpful…” said one. “Quality of teaching was superb,” said another.

Find out more about the Evaluation course on this website - on the same page, you'll also find information about our other Master's level module - Participatory Arts Facilitation. Register your interest in taking the courses in 2012/2013 by emailing Miranda Borman. We are also in the process of developing some other stand-alone training modules, so if you'd like to hear more about these, please mention this in your email.