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What makes you feel well?

31 May 2012

“In the midst of everything, what makes you feel well?” How would you answer this question? Artists Davis & Jones used it as the starting point for conversations with people in and around Frenchay and Southmead Hospitals in summer 2011. The answers encompass a full range of emotions – profound, funny and poignant. Excerpts from these interviews have been published in a book called ‘Well’. Order your copy (which costs £6) from Ruth Sidgwick, the Fresh Arts Programme Manager by email.  You can also see a sneak preview here

North Bristol NHS Trust provides healthcare to the people of North Bristol, South Gloucestershire and beyond. In 2014 a new hospital will be opened which integrates the acute hospital service at Southmead currently delivered by the hospitals on the Frenchay and Southmead sites.

Davis & Jones have been commissioned by North Bristol NHS Trust as part of the Fresh Arts programme for development of the new Southmead hospital. Well is one of a series of three artworks, called MOVE, making connections and starting conversations about the move to the new Southmead Hospital.  MOVE represents the first phase of Fresh Art’s public engagement arts activity for the new Southmead Hospital. 

Find out more about the MOVE project at http://movinghospital.co.uk/.