Call for designer to create visual identity for new shared workspace in Stokes Croft

A new space, just off Stokes Croft, will soon be providing office and workspace for creative and ethical companies.   It will be up and running by June, when we will be offering perfectly placed, spacious, practical and affordable space for like-minded people.  Currently the building is lacking tenants.  As part of a classic, mid 80’s, brick, 4 storey building, 3 York Court is also sadly lacking in character and identity.  So in the spirit of collaboration and supporting local business we are asking….. can you help us develop our visual identity and give us a presence on the web?   

What we need 

We want a very light touch approach to developing a brand image which will help us to market the spaces.  Most of our marketing will be via social media and so we need to quickly get a name for ourselves with a very simple identity for the space that suggests our values and purpose and which is attractive to our target market who are small creative and ethical companies with between 2-15? employees. 

We need:

  • a name, a logo and a typeface 
  • a simple wordpress web site
  • designs for signs for inside and outside of the building

We have ideas about a name for the new building that suggests its practical form and function.  ‘Utility House’ is the most popular idea at the moment but a final decision hasn’t been made. 

A logo or a typographical identity would help us suggest the kind of space we want to create and attract the right kind of tenant. 

The wordpress site should be very simple, providing basic information about what we offer in order to help to market the new spaces.  A wordpress page is what we envisage.  We would be able to provide/upload the text so we would be asking for you to develop a style from an existing wordpress theme of your choice.  We would also like people to recognise our building with signage outside and a continuation of the graphic style within the internal signs and wayfinding. 

What we can offer

A fee of £500 and an exciting opportunity for a graphic designer with an interest in brand development for creative and ethical businesses.  We think 2/3 days of your time could make all the difference to us. We would like you to present us with 2 or 3 sketch design options for a visual identity, including the elements described above, one of which you will then work up in detail.  We would also like you to apply the design to a pre-existing wordpress theme of your choice, and leave us with the appropriate digital files for signs and logos.   We will be able to do the rest.  

The timescale

We are aiming to have the web site go live on 14th of April and so we would need to brief you asap and have sketch designs presented by end of March and full designs signed off by 7th of April. 

If you are interested please send us a copy of your cv, a statement as to why you would like to work with us (no more than 500 words) and examples of previous relevant work to Deadline for receipt is 16th March 2015