Creative evaluation

Harnessing creativity to deliver rich, enjoyable, meaningful evaluation

  • Are you frustrated with traditional evaluation methods?
  • Do you get poor response rates from questionnaires?
  • Are you finding it hard to engage participants in evaluation?
  • Do you feel that the evaluation tools you are using don’t properly reflect the creative nature of your work?

This programme of three online workshops explores how to develop and use creative approaches to evaluation with confidence and credibility. 

Working with Engage, we will be delivering a programme of three online workshops between 16th – 30th March 2022 exploring how to develop and use creative approaches to evaluation.

Building on the Creative and Credible approach to evaluation, this programme provides participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to evaluate creatively as well as credibly.

We will share ideas and practice, exploring ways in which creativity can reinvigorate existing evaluation methods including questionnaires, focus groups, feedback and monitoring.

Working collaboratively, we will co-produce creative solutions to real-world evaluation scenarios, ensuring that they are appropriate and credible as well as engaging and enjoyable.

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