Gloucestershire Royal Hospital's 'Utopia'

March 2010

Artists Heinrich and Palmer have designed three intriguing new pieces around the theme of Utopia for Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

Two light boxes help to create an uplifting and colourful but calming environment in the reception and waiting areas of the newly refurbished department of Critical Care. The light boxes feature various objects placed on a deep window sill, beyond which viewers can see an imaginary landscape made up of local scenes and views of landscapes near the artists' home in Portsmouth.

A further framed photographic piece includes thank you cards from patients and relatives, along with ward information, postcards from imaginary places and a copy of a map of Utopia created by the artists.

Utopia was commissioned by Arts in Trust, the ongoing arts programme for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which is managed by Willis Newson. The commission is part of the Trust’s percent for art policy which dedicates a percent of all capital projects towards the arts.