Public art and health buildings guidance and advice

2 September 2010

The result of Willis Newson's recent work with ixia, the public art think tank, has been published. “Public Art and Health Buildings: Review and Guidance” will be valuable to anyone involved in the commissioning of public art within health initiatives. It includes a detailed review of current policy and practice, including procurement within Private Finance Initiatives (PFI), Local Investment Finance Trust (LIFT) and Procure21 (P21) processes. It also identifies the growing evidence base around the use of public art within health buildings and highlights key strategic success factors.

This position document was completed in May 2010 and provides guidance regarding the commissioning of public art within the context of health initiatives under the previous Labour government. It analysed the situation up until 11th May 2010, when the new coalition government came into power. ixia and Willis Newson wrote the document together and it is intended to provide a baseline, against which the impact of the policies which are currently being proposed and implemented by the new coalition government can be measured. However, the effect that these new policies will have on the provision of health buildings is yet to be fully understood and ixia will produce updates accordingly.

Download Public Art and Health Buildings: Review and Guidance.