Elgar House to get new artworks

We have been working on the Spaces for Dementia project with North Bristol NHS Trust since April 2015, aiming to create a better experience at Southmead Hospital Bristol for patients with dementia, who are in the hospital for other reasons.

The first phase involved research by our Creative Director Bronwen Gwilim, which included identifying areas where older patients were in the greatest concentration and also undertaking one-to-one conversations and creative consultation with patients.

Following that was a design period where it was decided that Elgar House would benefit from new illustrations to create a warm welcome at the entrance and improvements to the Occupational Therapy kitchen inside and that Brunel Building would gain new illustrations promoting purposeful walking for patients with dementia.

Here is a sneak preview of just some of the designs provided by selected artist Adrian Barclay from Just Design:


Illustration by Adrian Barclay for Elgar House

Adrian Barclay artwork for Southmead Hospital Bristol


Illustration of a walk in the park

Images: Adrian Barclay from Just Design - Concorde, suggested layouts for entrance artworks & a proposed design for A Walk In The Park