Celebrating ten years of Willis Newson

5 November 2012

In 2012 Willis Newson celebrated its tenth anniversary. And what a ten years it has been! We have seen real growth and developments in practice in the arts and health sector. Wonderful work is going on, both nationally and internationally, that continues to demonstrate how the arts can deliver real benefits to patients, staff and the wider community in healthcare settings. Vital regional netowrks including LAHF, AHSW and West Midlands Arts Health and Wellbeing now connect and support arts and health practitioners and programme managers at all levels. Evaluation is becoming a main-stream part of practice, meaning that as a sector we will continue to improve.

To celebrate our work over the last decade we have put together a book recording some of our projects. You can view this online through issuu here. Email if you'd like us to send you a PDF.