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Light Box: Evaluation 'changed people's perceptions'

7 February 2012

A report, published by Light Box, a Bristol-based organisation offering 'Happiness Workshops' to the public and on referral, has generated important learning for future programmes and robust evidence that is being used in support of the project. In addition, Kathryn John of the Light Box team said that "working with Willis Newson on the evaluation has changed people's perceptions of the project."

Willis Newson supported Light Box by developing a tailored and appropriate evaluation framework and delivering mentoring, training and hands-on assistance with aspects such as data analysis. We focused on embedding the necessary tools and skills within the team to ensure that evaluation contributes to, and becomes a sustainable part of the everyday delivery of the project. 

Read more about how we did this on the Light Box project page. You can also download a case study about our work on the project there, along with the resulting evaluation report.