Arts Council England: Reach Arts & Health Partnerships

Arts and Health Project: ReachEncouraging arts organisations and health providers to work together, Reach aimed to tackle health inequalities in local communities by giving people opportunities to be creative, increase self-esteem and improve communication skills, mental wellbeing and confidence. It was initiated by Arts Council England in 2006 and completed in 2010.

Four individual partnerships were established in Bristol, Devon, Dorset and Somerset, each with their own project team. An evaluation of the initiative focused on ways in which health and arts organisations work together as well as exploring what we have learned through each individual project. Reach was managed and co-ordinated by Willis Newson in association with Alex Coulter.

Download a case study or see images. 

Download the evaluation of the regional Reach initiative. Each individual project conducted internal evaluations and you can read and download these here too: Bristol Reach, Devon Reach, Dorset Reach, Somerset Reach.