Willis Newson has been a leader in the field of arts & health for over 10 years. Our work is based on evidence of the benefits of art and design for health and wellbeing.

We are committed to furthering knowledge and understanding of the effectiveness of arts practices for healthcare providers.

Through a long-standing partnership with the University of the West of England we have developed a credible and appropriate model for the evaluation of projects in the field. 

Working with Professor Norma Daykin, we have developed research programmes, training and resources to support improved evaluation practice.

The learning, research, evidence and resources from this work has been collected together to form Creative and Credible - a knowledge repository for arts & health evaluation – funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. The Creative and Credible website was launched at the Arts & Health South West Annual Conference in November 2015.

Arts & Health evaluation resource - creative & credible

For more information about past evaluation-based projects visit our Arts and Health Evaluation projects page.